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Leg Poultice

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Leg Poultice,
To care for sensitive, stiff and rigid muscles or tendons in horses after/at sports performance. Softens thickened layers of skin. Promotes circulation and regenerates freedom of movement. Often used for military, trotting and racing sports.


Stir well until an even paste is formed. Apply thickly to the intended areas (± 0.5-1 cm.) Cover with cotton wool and elastic bandages to hold the paste in place. Can be applied cold. To obtain an even more effective result, heat the closed container in a bain-marie. After stirring well, test the heat of the mash first on the back of the hand. After 12 hours, remove the bandage and wet the cotton wool with warm water, then reapply the bandage. Leg-Poultice can be left on for 24 to 48 hours and rinsed off with warm water. Always close packaging tightly after use. Use only externally.