About Rapide

Founded by the Vink brothers from Krommenie, Rapide B.V. has existed for more than 100 years. These qualitative products were developed from craftsmanship and passion. The meeting and resulting match between a producer with a passion for leather and a horse lover/International rider grew into a success!

After the takeover of the founders, Rapide B.V. established itself in 1995 in Haaksbergen, grew into a solid producer in the Netherlands and became market leader in the production and sale of quality care products for leather, horses as well as exclusive clothing and footwear.

The products are characterized in their exclusive appearance of packaging, high-quality products with optimal results in use. We involve specialists and professionals in sports in the constant testing of our products in order to always bring them to the market with quality and innovative improvements.

Today, we work with a professional team of more than 100 experienced employees to produce and market these wonderful products according to the strictest legislation and requirements. Our company processes only high-quality raw materials and is GMP+ certified (ISO 22716:2007).

  • The range of products for leather maintenance is extensive. Leather maintenance is important, regular maintenance extends the life of your leather products. Our products are available at equestrian stores, shoemakers, saddlers, Welkoop, luxury leather goods stores for bags, belts and leather clothing, outdoor and motorcycle branches etc.
  • Rapide's high-quality wax and impregnation products extend the life and increase the performance of your clothing, footwear and other equipment. Proper cleaning with our high-quality laundry products is essential for the preservation and longevity of breathable and waterproof clothing, such as technical clothing with Goretex or other membranes. We have special detergents for; water-repellent, breathable clothing, down clothing and sleeping bags, hardshell and softshell clothing, fleece and washable suede and smooth leather.
  • In equestrian sports, our name has become a household name. Rapide has everything you need to provide your horse with proper and quality care from head to toe. Horse care to perfection!
  • In short a wide range, loved and used by consumers and professionals and produced by craftsmen. Our Rapide products are available in more than 20 countries.

The best care makes the difference!

Because we care