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Leather Cream / Leather grease

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Leather Cream / Leather Grease is a product to maintain leather regularly. Absorbs well into the pores of the leather and keeps the leather supple. Preserves the leather and can be used on work shoes, motorcycle clothing, furniture, bags, jackets, saddles, bridles, etc. Always try on an inconspicuous area, especially on a new piece of leather. Contains mineral oils mixed with high-quality waxes. Leather grease, in addition to regular maintenance, is often used to repair old, stiff, cracked leather or to make new and stiff leather supple again.

The authentic leather cream can of Rapide is familiar to everyone. The name of the product has always remained on this beautiful packaging. However, the product itself is identical to our other packages of leather grease. In short Rapide leather cream is identical to Rapide leather grease!


Rub in well with a cloth or sponge, allow to soak in for some time and rub out if necessary. With regular use, the leather remains supple and water-repellent. Extends the life of the leather.