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Tech Wash

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Rapide Techwash is a special concentrated detergent for waterproof clothing (hardshell, softshell) that maintains the specific properties of technical fabrics. Rapide Tech-wash has a unique 3-fold action: cleans, revitalizes the breathability of the material and maintains the water-repellent properties. It keeps your clothing in condition and gives it a longer life.


Shake bottle well. Clear drum and wash basin well of detergent residue. Then place the garment in the drum and add 40 ml. Tech Wash into the basin. Select the 30°C or 40°C main wash cycle (always refer to the washing instructions on the fabric label). When finished, rinse very well to completely remove detergent residue. Pre-treat very dirty spots with undiluted Tech Wash. Can also be used as a hand wash detergent (20 ml. to 10 liters of water); soak evenly and rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, preferably use a tumble dryer at low temperatures (always consult the washing instructions on the textile label) or line dry. Do not wring out.

Tip: Attach one sleeve (or leg) to the other to avoid "turning inside out" during treatment and close zippers or Velcro.