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Tex Waterproof Wash-in

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Rapide's Tex Waterproof Wash-in is a special impregnating agent for restoring dirt and water repellency of high-tech (sports) clothing in the washing machine. It restores the specific properties of these breathable waterproof clothing even when machine washed! Very effective in making skiwear, fleece, goretex, soft and hardshell materials water repellent.


First wash the garment with Rapide's Techwash at 30° or 40°. Shake the bottle well before use and make sure the garment has been thoroughly rinsed out. Remove soap residue from the reservoir and fill the main wash reservoir with 100 ml. Tex-waterproof (2 caps) for 1 garment. The garment may be briefly centrifuged at a low speed or at a low temperature in the tumble dryer. This activates the water-repellency (consult textile label). Then hang to dry.

Instructions for hand washing: Shake bottle well. Put 100 ml. in a sink for only 1 garment and submerge regularly. After half an hour, rinse clothes well with cold water until water is clear. For drying, see "Machine wash." The surfactants in this preparation meet biodegradability criteria.

Tip: attach one sleeve or leg to another to avoid turning inside out, close zippers and Velcro during treatment.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show packaging. Keep out of reach of children.